Make Valentine’s Day more Special Based on the 5 Love Languages

Make Valentine's Day more Special

Make Valentine’s Day more Special Based on the 5 Love Languages.

Make Valentine's Day more Special with 5 Love Languages

You may express affection to your significant other on this Valentine’s Day, but do you truly take the time to make sure you’re communicating it the way your partner wants to receive it? 

Five love languages describe how people receive and express love in a relationship, including words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, service acts, and physical touch.

Knowing your partner’s love language is an excellent opportunity to help you show your love and make Valentine’s Day more special with gifts that touch the person the most.

Language 1: Words of Affirmation

Happy Valentine’s Day Words of Affirmation

For Words of Affirmation lovers, they need to hear beyond “I love you” is why you love them. A detailed handwritten love letter makes them feel appreciated and, most of all, known. Whether from a friend or boyfriend, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell them why you still love them! 

Write your unique Valentine a note.

A lovely postcard or a card containing words of love will fill the other half’s heart with happiness and joy. Tell them what you appreciate about them in it, including specifics such as how you love their sense of justice, their passion for their hobbies, or even the way they smile. 

Make a special playlist for Valentine’s Day.

If you need more confidence in your words, borrowing words to affirm your heart is a good way. 

List of songs that are special to the two of you or that make you think of them. And then give CDs or mixtapes with fun and nice decoration.

Another particular way is that music gifts will be presented to loved ones on music today’s broadcast program. It makes sense to gift live broadcast music with an extra message you want to send them.

Make a unique vlog or podcast on Valentine’s Day.

Shoot a small vlog about the memories between the two of you so your lover can review it at any time.

If they love listening to podcasts, create a podcast to confide in them how you’re grateful for them and cherish what they do.

They certainly will burst into happiness and appreciate such gifts forever.

Language 2: Quality time

Valentine's Day Quality Time

Those who love Quality Time language consider the time the most precious gift. They feel loved if you are present and focused on them when you are together. 

“This love language is all about giving your undivided attention to that one special person, without the distraction of television, phone screens, or any other outside interference. They have a strong desire to actively spend time with their significant other, having meaningful conversations or sharing recreational activities,” Mahmud-Syed says.

Arrange for Valentine’s dinner.

Have a romantic dinner with your favorite food, desserts, and wine or champagne. You can book a reservation at your favorite restaurant or cook at home. Enjoy your meal and chat together!

Plan a day out on Valentine’s occasion.

There are so many places neither of you has ever been before; spend an entire day exploring with your significant other. Go for a long walk that you’ve both been interested in together. Walk along the beach to see the sunrise, or wander down charming side streets you’ve never noticed. Visit a nearby city for a few days. All will make your Valentine more remember, and you might even get to see a fun new side of the person you love.

Take your partner out for coffee, a movie, or live music.

It has been a long since you didn’t go out for coffee, sat together, and talked bullshit to each other. So why you don’t choose a beautiful café your partner loves and take them there, put down the cell phone on silent and give your full attention to converse?

Booking a movie or concert ticket is a classic way to share quality time. Sometimes being side by side in activities is so happy enough.

Take a class together. 

Whether dancing, cooking, crafting, meditating, you name it, let’s sign up for a workshop or course together. Practicing and learning together is advantageous in this love language as it pushes you to get to know each other more deeply. Especially nothing says romantic like dancing with your lover, isn’t it?

Language 3: Gifts

Happy Valentine’s Day Gifts

“Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift,” says Dr. Chapman. 

People with this style treasure the gift and the time and effort the gift-giver put into it. They can often remember every little gift they have received from their loved ones.

Moreover, when you take the time to pick a special gift for them, it tells them you really know and care about them.

Order their favorite takeaway.

Delicious food will make one warm. When you place a food order for someone, you demonstrate your love by being aware of their particular likes and dislikes or allergies. Be on the lookout for small things to show you know someone well and respect them, whether their quirks. They are, of course, grateful for that very much.

Give your partner flowers on Valentine’s Day.

This gesture is traditional, but it is a romantic gift in love. It is more and more excellent when they are flower lovers, and you know their favorite flowers.

Surprise them with a unique Valentine’s gift.

Buy books, watch, necklace, or music albums they have long wished to own. Give print or embroidered shirt custom, such as calling their name or a quote you want to send them.

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Language 4: Acts of Service

Valentine Acts of Service

“This love language is for people who believe that actions speak louder than words. Doing the smaller and bigger chores to make their lives easier or more comfortable is highly cherished,” shares Mahmud-Syed.

For Acts of Service Language lovers they will notice and value the tiny things you do for them. They also tend to perform acts of service and kindness for others. 

Your thoughtfulness makes them feel loved and appreciated, such as:

  • Sharing them with chores (washing the dishes, vacuuming, preparing a meal, picking up clothing, etc.) 
  • Helping take care of children so that your significant other can rest assured and get more sleep
  • Making coffee for them in the morning
  • Taking them to places they like to go 

What matters is whether you want, you can do many things for your partner to make them less burdensome in daily life and make Valentine’s Day more meaningful.

Language 5: Physical touches

Valentine's Day Physical Touches

“People who communicate their appreciation through this language, when they consent to it, feel appreciated when they are hugged, kissed, or cuddled. They value the warmth and comfort that comes with physical touch,” says Mahmud-Syed.

Let touch be the day’s highlight, like hugging, holding hands, or cuddling on the couch. Physical touch is a robust emotional connector that helps them feel loved and close when Valentine’s season is coming.

  • Holding hands tightly while traveling on trips (hiking, wandering through the city, or beach on a fantastic evening).
  • Giving them a massage at the end day because a massage can bring a feeling of comfort and dispel fatigue in the body.
  • Turning on music and dancing while holding their hands.
  • Cuddling up together on the sofa while watching your favorite movie.

It is simply being close to the lover in the comfort way most.